Unplugged Computer Science. An example from parallel computing


Title:        Unplugged Computer Science. An example from parallel computing/Scheduling independent stochastic tasks
Time:     13:30, March20  Wedsday,2019
Location:  Room 201, Math BuildingB
Lecturer: Prof.Patrice Quinton&Prof.Yves Robert


Abstract:Teaching computer science without a computer — also called,  unplugged computer science, — is an interesting approach to let people understand what an algorithm is, and what kind of problems we face as a computer scientist. In this short seminar, I’ll present some of the ideas behind unplugged computer science, and I’ll let the attendants practice an example related to parallel computing.

Biography:Patrice Quinton is Professor Emeritus in Computer Science at Ecole normale supérieure de Rennes, France. Formerly President of ENS Rennes, he graduated in 1972 from ENSIMAG in Grenoble, and obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Rennes 1 in 1980. His scientific interests are parallel computing and parallel architectures, in particular, the synthesis of parallel program using the polyhedral model of loops.



Abstract:We discuss scheduling strategies for the problem of maximizing the expected number of tasks that can be executed on a cloud platform within a given budget and under a deadline constraint. The execution times of tasks follow IID probability laws. The main question is to decide whether and when to interrupt tasks that have been executing for some time.

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