New applications in video-based artificial intelligence and pattern recognition technology


Title:          New applications in video-based artificial intelligence and pattern recognition technology 

Time:      15:00, December 3 Monday,2018
Location:   Room 504, Science Building B
Lecturer: Michael Blumenstein, Professor, University of Technology Sydney


Michael will provide a high-level overview of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and will describe research activities, new facilities and strategic initiatives in the Faculty of Engineering and IT. Michael will also speak about the current trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) both in research and industry. In his talk, Michael will highlight a number of applications such as some of the cutting-edge AI technology developed at UTS, which includes research undertaken in collaboration with industry – e.g. SharkSpotter©, the world’s first software that can be used to detect sharks from video captured by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
 Michael will demonstrate how AI can be used to enhance and even save people’s lives, as we move towards the next frontier of technology innovation. Other applications that Michael will present includes research into automated document analysis systems (such as video-based text processing and historical document analysis), in addition to the development of automatic systems for monitoring the activities of visitors at beaches and coastal zones, to name a few. Further discussion will be dedicated to the future of AI and possible directions for attaining the goal of conscious machines.


Michael Blumenstein is currently a Professor and the Associate Dean (Research Strategy and Management) in the Faculty of Engineering & IT at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) where he recently concluded his role as Head of the School of Software. He formerly served as the Head of the School of Information and Communication Technology at Griffith University, and earlier as the Dean (Research) in the Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology Group.

Michael is a nationally and internationally recognised expert in the areas of automated Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, and his current research interests include Marine Life and Shark Detection from Video Imagery, Document Analysis, Video-based/multi-lingual Text Detection and Signature Verification. He has published over 200 papers in refereed books, conferences and journals. His research also spans various projects applying Artificial Intelligence to the fields of Engineering, Environmental Science, Neurobiology and Coastal Management.

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