Would you like to say hello to your travel buddy?

Imagine: you are flipping through the thick glossy pages of a travel brochure. The white sand beaches, the tempting kitchens or the cobbled streets of a distant city attract you. “Come here,” they say, “don’t you want to run away for a while?”

And before he could think of anything else, he booked his plane tickets and prepared for the trip for life.

The constant desire to sit on a lovely beach keeps you in suspense until the date of your departure. He is excited about the possibility of a few weeks without work, excited about the possibility of a break from housework. But, unfortunately, those things that bother you throughout your daily life will not disappear as soon as you board a plane. These problems and anxieties are in your head, and you cannot leave them behind unless you leave behind the box in which they live; you!

The few moments you spent looking at attractive brochures were enough time to concentrate only on imagining yourself on a sunbed (maybe a mojito in your hand?). At that time, I bet you weren’t worried about the job or the bills, right?

Take a break

Many people seem to travel to “leave”: take a break from monotonous life and rest from anxiety. It describes us as “complex creatures,” where observations are made. Observations of, say, white sand beaches in these thick glossy brochures; for example, observe white-sand beaches like snow, which are only a small fragment of a “multifaceted life mission”. Looking through brochures, we give ourselves time to introduce ourselves there, without worrying about the world. The reality of being there is really very different; It consumes, in addition to the anxiety and happiness that we believe we will feel there, it can last only a moment until new anxiety patterns appear, and our minds begin to return to the presentation of the work we must give when we return.


In fact, you cannot get away from yourself, your eyes and your mind, so it is better to make peace with your worries. Now is the time to greet a complex creature that is your travel companion; You are sure that your next travel experience will be much more enjoyable if you have the best companion, the best Travel buddy. Do not forget to share with us.

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