Varieties and advantages of special label stickers

Varieties and advantages of special label stickers

Different companies sell different products. To effectively distribute their products on the market, they need suitable containers with personalized adhesive labels for the proper identification and use of the product. Besides, they are also used for product inventory, pricing, and security. These tags are also known as special tags because they are made of special materials that are generally tamper-resistant and waterproof.

Applications of label stickers

If you intend to look for food and non-food items that are sold in supermarkets and department stores, you can find labels with three-dimensional focal length. They are located on the outside of the food container in the form of bottles, boxes, and cases for CDs and DVDs. They are called hologram self-adhesive labels. Most manufacturers include them in the package to be able to control the fake. Some, however, use these tags as part of their marketing strategies. Holographic labels or wrappers make products interesting, expensive and of excellent quality. And now, some people prefer products that include them over other products that are usually packaged and sealed.

When it comes to fragrances and perfumes, scratches and snuff tags are very useful for both sellers and buyers. Thanks to these customers, they can smell the fragrance available and quickly choose between them. Want to know how a printing press does it? The desired aroma or aroma is introduced into the ink before printing. These label stickers usually show images of food, body mists, or perfumes. In some catalogs, readers are advised to scratch the wrist directly on the image or in a mug or box where real perfumes are concentrated.

Adhesive Sticker Printing

The barcode is another special label that is made for special purposes

Almost all products today contain barcodes per pack. Barcodes are scanned for price information. Barcodes do not allow stores to affix another set of labels, which preserves the prices of the goods they sell. Each bar on this label represents something. Therefore, it should be printed carefully so that the scanners correctly and quickly read the details.

Theft prevention

Believe it or not, some products are prone to theft. To prevent thieves from receiving them completely, protective labels may be included in their packaging. This includes another special procedure where a very strong adhesive is applied to the back. In addition to strong glue, there are punctuation marks on the cheap custom stickers australia that break immediately after they are lifted. This allows store owners to easily determine if someone was trying to steal goods. When people see protective labels on certain products, they will be very careful when handling such products to prevent them from breaking.


There are also special adhesive labels that are designed to give customers an additional appeal. They are called domes or resin labels. Resin is applied to these labels to achieve a dome effect. Since it does not look like regular labels, it sets the product on a supermarket shelf full of products.

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