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Roomba Models

By all accounts, the iRobot Roomba series home vacuum cleaner looks the best. There are several models to choose from, starting with entirely new price tags, depending on the functionality and capabilities offered by each model.

Despite the fact that iRobot also offers other excellent household automatic cleaning products, this article will focus only on the Roomba range of vacuum cleaners. Because selecting the model you choose and buying it may not be easy because of the different options you have, we hope this article will help you in the decision-making process to determine which Roomba is best for you.

Roomba models are very similar in many ways. When comparing Roomba voids, you need to know that the newer Roomba models are called Discovery series, which is an important point because iRobot makes all accessories for new models compatible with each other, but only between Discovery Robot series. The model you choose depends mostly on the tasks you will assign to Roomba and how much you hope to achieve your ongoing job of cleaning the house.

We’ll start with the basic model and move up. Each subsequent form includes at least what is stated in the previous lower form.

Roomba Models

Roomba 435 is a basic robotic vacuum cleaner. It works simply with an automatic or manual vacuum cleaner. Some problems:

  • Good for 1-2 rooms only
  • Advance planning is not available
  • Automatic self-loading is not available
  • No scream and light touch bumpers are available
  • Room movement is not possible
  • High capacity hopper is not available

Roomba 435 starts from $ 200. However, the consumer praised his trade-off between price and jobs. Still worth the money.

For about $ 80, you can choose Roomba 510, which will include an anti-tangle feature, lightweight touch bumpers, and a large capacity storage container.

The next step is Roomba 530 for only $ 20, which includes additional cleaning capacity in another room (up to 3) and an automatic charging function – a nice feature. This model costs about $ 300.

Upgrading from Roomba 530 is Roomba 560 for another $ 50, giving you extra power to clean up an additional room (up to 4) and an excellent scheduling feature. This model costs about $ 350.

As part of the Roomba brand, a series of pets are offered, including 532 and 562 models, which include unique accessories and a spacious container for hair and animal hair. They cost about $ 20 more than Roomba 530 and 560, respectively. Otherwise, they are the same as with conventional models. You can find out more on the internet or their website.

The smarter Roomba 570 features in-room navigation, which is also very helpful. This model is affordable.

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