Hiccups and the ways to treat via home remedies


It is common to admit many annoying and unexpected action of being human. The article is about such kind of thing and I am damn sure that every human being in his or her life would experience the following natural action. Yes, it is hiccups.


Hiccups are one of the most annoying involuntary actions experienced by human. There would be many reasons to have hiccups and the remedies would vary based on that. Here is the way that the human have hiccups naturally i.e. how does the human body work on certain time? Any kind of irritation caused in the muscles of diaphragm muscles results in unpredictable breath producing sound.  According to the expert words, the hiccups do not last more than one or two hours and this would disappear on its own. In case, you wish to treat your hiccups soon, there is also possibility by using some natural home remedies.

Doctor’s response to treat hiccups:

When you look to treat hiccups, you can confess there are many more. Many home remedies would allow you to treat hiccups in order to get rid of the annoying circumstances. When you are in meeting or in public, the sound makes you to feel annoying and even sometimes irritation. Here are some remedies you can use to treat it own.hiccups

Can use the methods that cause your body to retain the CO2 through to relax the diaphragm and stop spasms that cause the hiccups, so you can hold your breath as much as you can.

Else, you can use the techniques that stimulate vagus and nasopharynx nerve that runs from brain to stomach. The following are some techniques to decrease hiccupping, try it once you met with this kind of situation.

  • Try to pull hard on your tongue
  • Try to consume a glass of water faster
  • Bite a lemon
  • Have someone to frighten you
  • Gargle the mouth
  • Have half teaspoon of dry sugar on back of the tongue
  • Try to smell the smelling salt

These are some common techniques, which many would aware of; still many do not try these techniques to treat their hiccups. Try it once when you have hiccups, you can also suggest someone to try this. Since this is the home remedy, that anyone can use this hassle free and no need to frighten of getting side effects.

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